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sâmbătă, 28 iunie 2014

World Racing 2: My Cars Mods PART 2

World Racing 2: My Cars Mods PART 2

  A venit si partea a 2-a cu masinile din World Racing 2! :D


2 comentarii:

  1. sti cumva cu se poate juca multiplayer

    1) Tunngle:
    2) Stock "MP Lounge 2" application

    Download Tunngle from the official site, make sure it's the last updated version.
    Then, make an account (it's free).
    When you have created your own account, on Tunngle, search for a room, in the left corner.
    Search for "World Racing 2", then join in.
    After you joined the room, make sure your friends who are going to play with you are inside your same room (remember, maximum 6 players are able to play together).
    Then, open MP Lounge 2, and start a LAN game.

    You can play in every room, not forced to use the World Racing 2 room, so if the WR2 room is full you can still play in every other room, for example... "ArmA 2" room Big Grin you can still be able to play online, the important thing is that players have to stay in the same room.